What people are saying about BluePoint Alert Solutions.

“The BluePoint system allows us to have immediate access to emergency officials so they can respond faster and with the information they need for more informed decision-making.”

Ted StecSuperintendent of Lombard School District 44, Illinois

BluePoint Alert Solutions is “extremely beneficial—you can’t have anything better and it will cut our response time in half. For information to go straight to our cell phones and get that alert page within seconds—it’s lifesaving.”

Brian Bastian

School Resource Officer of Lombard
School District 44, Illinois

“I feel a lot safer because—we have security guards and we’ve had them, but sometimes a security guard isn’t the one who sees the intruder, it’s one of the students and they don’t know what to do.”


High school student, Colorado

BluePoint “is great new technology that allows us to contact the sheriff’s department right away … the software integrates with our camera system which the sheriff’s department will have quick and immediate access to.”

Jeff Lisath

Director of Safety, Security and
Student Affairs at Northridge Local
School District, Ohio

“BluePoint’s police alert system is the first line of defense in our comprehensive emergency plan. We have installed BluePoint throughout our campus. The BluePoint team worked closely with my technology team and local law enforcement to provide seamless implementation. I strongly encourage all school administrators to learn more about BluePoint technology.”

Joel Pedersen

Superintendent of Cardinal
Community School District, Iowa

“Like many schools analyzing their emergency response plan to active shooter situations, we were concerned with the lag time of calling the school into lockdown and notifying the police. Blue Point was able to address both of those concerns. We have received nothing but positive feedback from all of our stakeholders and emergency personnel.”

Andrew Macurak

Assistant Principal at Central
Catholic High School, Pennsylvania

“[Because of the BluePoint system], police officers arrived on the scene within 47 seconds after the police pull station was activated … 47 seconds is an incredible response time!”

Jeff LeDuff

Retired Chief of Police,

“For me as a parent, this [BluePoint system] gives me the ease and comfort to know that even in the event that something does happen—we always pray that it doesn’t—that our kids have some technology to be safe.”

Tara W

Parent at a BluePoint-protected school,

“I really hope we never have to use the alarm system, but it’s nice to be prepared.”

Molly K

Mother of a student at BluePoint-protected
St. Benedict’s Preparatory School, Illinois

“Anything that can increase the safety of our students is a great asset to our school.”

Tiffany B

Mother of a student at a BluePoint-protected
school, Illinois

“Everybody is vulnerable to active shooters, and if you cut down the response time by even a minute, that’s countless lives that you could be saving.”

Bryan F

Director of Safety at a 5,000+ member church,

“First responders received immediate notification and were providing medical care to the fallen employees within one minute of the alert—a dramatic improvement in response time.”

Sam M

Director of Safety and Security at a manufacturing facility, Minnesota