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communication & life safety solution
The Problem

Business owners want to ensure a safe working environment for their employees, but currently many rely on average safety standards set by the industry. Most corporate buildings have security systems implemented in their facilities through security staff, cameras, access control, etc. Each serve an important purpose but may not be enough to provide the safety that your employees expect and need.

Keep your corporate building safe

BluePoint can multiply the effectiveness of current security systems and make your organization stand out as one with a unique and superior level of safety. If you have multiple locations, the Command & Control platform can enable you to be notified of any emergency at any of your facilities. Protecting and empowering your people with BluePoint will show them that their safety and comfort is a top priority within the organization.

True Life Safety

BluePoint’s solution is unique in the industry because we have taken a true life safety approach. We have implemented the technical requirements that make the fire alarm the most reliable system installed in buildings—it has to be functional when you need it. Additionally, our communications platform complies with FEMA’s recommendation of best practices for Incident Command Structure and Multi-Hazard Communications.

Simple, Intuitive Activation

The BluePoint solution has been built for use in crisis situations. With adrenaline flowing and panic setting in, the user interface has to be familiar, simple, and intuitive so that people will actually use it. No one has to be trained on how to activate BluePoint — only when to use it and what to do after activation. The solution is enhanced with wearable mobile pendants in addition to standard pull stations. This provides an even greater ability for people moving about the building to immediately and securely activate the system if they see a problem.

Building-Wide Notification

As a true life safety solution, BluePoint notifies all occupants of a building—employees and visitors alike—to take precautions through strobe lights and audio messaging that reduces panic and confusion. The messaging can include a reminder of the response protocol (lockdown, run-hide-fight, etc.) as well as assurance that police are on their way. Strobe lights reinforce the messaging, especially in high ambient noise areas and outside buildings, warning people not to enter.

“Anything that reduces Police response time to security emergencies, has the potential to save lives.”

Undersheriff David Wagner
Kane County Sheriff’s Office and S.W.A.T. Team

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