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communication & life safety solution
True Life Safety

BluePoint’s solution is unique in the industry because we have taken a true life safety approach. We have implemented the technical requirements that make the fire alarm the most reliable system installed in buildings—it has to be functional when you need it. Additionally, our communications platform complies with FEMA’s recommendation for Incident Command Structure and Multi-Hazard Communications.

Simple, Intuitive Activation

With BluePoint, your teachers, staff, students and visitors have the most simple, intuitive, and responsive means to neutralize a threat. When activated, BluePoint Alert Solutions immediately alerts police, bypassing 911. Police instantly receive critical information which increases their effectiveness and decreases their response time. Reduced response times are critical in the event of emergencies.

Strategically located pull stations and wearable mobile devices provide simple alert coverage throughout your facility including parking lots, outdoor play areas, and all campus buildings. Once activated, the Command & Control Incident Management platform provides two-way communication through familiar mobile communication. Informed decisions save lives and protect your people.

Building-Wide Notification

As a true life safety solution, BluePoint notifies all occupants of a building—employees and visitors alike—to take precautions through strobe lights and audio messaging that reduces panic and confusion.

The messaging can include a reminder of the response protocol (lockdown, run-hide-fight, etc.) as well as assurance that police are on their way. Strobe lights reinforce the messaging, especially in high ambient noise areas and outside buildings, warning people not to enter.

Swift, Informed Decisions

We met with first responders throughout the country and asked: What tools would be most beneficial to improving response? We learned what was truly valuable and what wasn’t. Combined with the commitment to keeping the solution simple and intuitive, BluePoint provides critical information delivered quickly, securely, and intuitively.

The Command & Control communication portal equips both first responders and building occupants to make more informed decisions faster. Access to this information is unhindered during a crisis, and protected during normal times.

“When police officers arrived, they commented to us just how quickly they received the notification.”

Lombard SD 44

Additional System Integrations

Silent Alert
Designed for protecting people at the front desk, the receptionist can remain engaged in conversation with a visitor while discreetly alerting others in the facility – and police if necessary – to an escalating situation. With 2 clicks of the mouse, a notification is sent through our Command & Control system to designated groups of people with exact location information of where to assist.

Two-Stage Response
If desired, internal first responders are notified first. If the situation is beyond their capabilities, they initiate second-stage notification to external first responders.

Sound Detection Integration
Both gunshot and breaking glass sound detection systems can be seamlessly integrated with the BluePoint Solution to provide even faster response times.

Access Control / Fire Door Activation
Integration with access control and fire door activation systems is easily accomplished through our control panel. Lock, unlock, and close doors at your discretion and at the direction of local law enforcement.

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