The BluePoint Difference

What makes BluePoint different?

The patented BluePoint Alert system automatically contacts police and alerts building occupants to a threat within the building with minimal human intervention. It is a system that is available to anyone in the building to activate and does not dictate building response protocol – just initiates it. Thirdly, BluePoint provides initial location of threat information to first responders and to building administration. And, lastly, as with a security alarm system, by making known that your facility has a BluePoint Alert system, intruders will be deterred from even initiating a threat within the building.

Why do we need BluePoint?

To decrease response time of first responders and allow building occupants to take precautionary measures in an emergency situation. Both of these steps are likely to reduce risk and shorten the duration of a threat. The BluePoint Alert Solution is founded on three simple facts: 1. The faster first responders are on site, the faster an emergency situation ends. 2. The faster people take precautions, the faster they are safe. 3. Panicked people don’t think clearly or react rationally. The patented BluePoint Alert system provides a series of simple initiation devices similar to fire alarm pull stations that are strategically placed throughout a facility for anyone to initiate. These devices take no training and little thought to use. Additionally, mobile devices can be given to strategic building occupants. Once any device is activated, the emergency dispatch center is notified and dispatches police to the facility. Simultaneously, a pre-recorded message is broadcast through the public address system to warn building occupants of the threat. Rapid response starts with rapid alert.

Communications and System Overview

Is this a mass notification system?

No. BluePoint is not a mass notification system. This is a focused notification system. The patented BluePoint Alert system focuses on automatically notifying a monitoring company which then contacts police dispatch (identical to a fire alarm system notification protocol) and simultaneously sending a pre-recorded message to building occupants over the public address (PA) system. The monitoring company then initiates calling a list of owner-designated individuals to alert them to the threat and to gather additional information for the first responders. Although automatic integration with a mass notification system is technically achievable, for nearly all emergency situations, it is likely better to require a leader who is familiar with the developing situation to initiate any mass notification announcements at the appropriate time and tailor the message to the situation.

What about false alarms?

As with a fire alarm system, there is the potential for false alarms. BluePoint understands the seriousness of our products and the capabilities they provide to our clients, and ships a protective cover with every pull station purchase. This is meant to help reduce and possibly eliminate accidental activations of these devices.

How long does it take to install?

Because the size of the building directly affects the size of the patented BluePoint Alert system and the duration of the installation, there is no one answer for all buildings. In general, the installation duration for most buildings will be one to two weeks.

Can the system be installed while the building is occupied?

Although we will tailor an installation sequence to meet the building’s needs, the BluePoint Alert system can be installed in occupied buildings with little disruption to ongoing operations. Most of the work will take place in corridors and more public spaces. The work needing to occur in occupied rooms, such as classrooms, is typically very short in duration and will be coordinated to take place when the room is available.

But we already have a fire alarm

The fire alarm system will dispatch the Fire Department and sound an alert signifying to occupants that they need to exit the building. The patented BluePoint Alert system is designed for police emergencies (active shooter, child abduction, etc.) which require a different response and different first responders. Once initiated, the police are dispatched to the site and a pre-recorded message is announced throughout the building. For example, “sheltering-in-place” may be a better response to a police emergency as opposed to exiting the building. BluePoint is a completely separate system from the fire alarm system for situations requiring police as the first responders and building occupants to respond differently.

Command&Control Incident Management System

How many contacts can I have in the system?

There is no limit!

Is there a limit to the number of groups I can create?

You can customize any number of contact groups.

Can individuals be placed in multiple groups?

Yes, individuals can be placed in an unlimited number of groups.

Can the call or text come from the same phone number every time so I can program that number into my contacts list?

Yes, it is recommended that users save the phone number as a contact for quick recognition.

Is there an "opt-in" feature where individuals can choose to join a contact group?

Yes. Our solution does offer that feature, but as this is emergency communication, we recommend that be used sparingly and wisely.

Is there a limit to user-defined incidents?

No. Users can pre-define an unlimited number of emergency incidents.

Can access to the administration site be secured with 2-factor authentication?


What types of camera systems does Command&Control integrate with?

Command&Control can integrate with all camera systems, as long as they are IP addressable. The method by which BluePoint accesses the feeds to those cameras may vary depending on the manufacturer.

Can your solution integrate with our access control system?

Yes, to lock or unlock doors upon activation. This would require coordination with your access control vendor.

Does your system include gunshot detection?

Gunshot detection is not included, but we can integrate third party gunshot detection systems to make them more effective and integrated to a complete solution.

Does your Command&Control communication system reside on our servers?

No. The Command&Control platform is completely independent of your network and resides at a UL listed central station with complete internal and geographical redundancies – a true life-safety approach to communication.

User Experience

Is there a visual component?

Although the primary communication to building occupants typically takes place through a pre-recorded message over the PA system, the patented BluePoint Alert system can include a visual warning component available for many situations. For instance, in areas where there is a normally high sound level, such as band rooms, gymnasiums, or hallways, BluePoint will include blue strobe lights as a warning in addition to the PA system message. The system can also include exterior strobe lights at all building entrances to warn people entering or just outside the building that there is an emergency event unfolding.

Aren't cell phones sufficient?

First, using a cell phone does nothing to alert other building occupants to potential danger. The faster building occupants can take preventative or defensive measures, the more likely a threat can be minimized. Also, in a panic situation, people do not react or think as rationally as in a non-panic situation. Having to dial even three numbers and provide coherent information that can be understood by the emergency dispatch attendant takes precious seconds before first responders are dispatched the site. Additionally, a flood of calls into a 9-1-1 center can overwhelm the attendants and potentially provide confusing information that may delay the dispatch of the police. With BluePoint, once a device is initiated, the police are dispatched to the site and, simultaneously, building occupants are notified. After occupants are in a safe place, they can then use their cell phones to provide additional information to the first responders through the 9-1-1 center.


What does it cost?

Because every building is different in size, layout and needs, there is not a single cost that will apply to each building. We have intentionally worked at keeping the cost of our patented BluePoint Alert system affordable by using existing technologies and interfacing with existing building systems; we do not want price to be a barrier for installing a system that has the potential to both discourage intruder threats and save lives by quickly reducing risk. Our consulting services will allow us to tailor the system design to meet your needs and effectively interface with your emergency response plan. Based on the information gathered, we will provide a quote for the system. Please contact us to set up a time when we can review your facility and needs.

What ongoing costs are involved?

BluePoint is a monitored system much like any fire alarm. This means that there is an annual cost associated for the monitoring services. The Command & Control platform is a separate annual cost as a function of the number of contacts within the system.

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