Meet Our Team

BluePoint Alert Solutions has its origins in the aftermath of the tragic Sandy Hook school shooting in Connecticut. During a regular client meeting with a local school district, John McNutt and Stephen Nelson discussed with the District Superintendent the idea of a user-friendly, rapid notification system to immediately connect schools with law enforcement and how valuable it could be to saving lives in extreme emergency situations. From this conversation, BluePoint Alert Solutions was born.

Our Mission

To provide an affordable Rapid Emergency Response System (RERS) that:

  • EInstantly notifies emergency responders and building occupants of an emergency situation
  • EExpedites a rapid response
  • EEmpowers people to make more informed decisions faster to save lives


Lives Protected

Confirmed Lives Saved

The Problem

The need for rapid emergency response systems is growing year over year

Our Team of Experts

The BluePoint leadership team is a group of passionate, talented professionals from varied backgrounds that include: security and safety specialists, professional engineers, architects, construction managers, and school board members.

John McNutt


John Shales


Dave Ochs

Executive Vice President - Growth

Mike Falese

Director of C2 Implementation & Training

Naomi Narcisa

Office Manager

JT McNutt

Director of Technology & Operations

Jake McNutt

Director of Internal Sales & Special Accounts

Justin Abney

Project Manager & Logistics

Austin Knee

Lead Systems Engineer

Kevin Adams

Senior Project Manager


BluePoint Alert Systems operate in any environment and location.

BluePoint mobilizes a patented technology solution to enable faster responses in emergency situations, providing security in any market.


Safety in schools has become an exceedingly prominent and sensitive topic.


Publicly accessible buildings while needing to protect the staff and public.


Per FBI data, nearly 50% of all armed intruder events occur in commercial spaces.


Businesses want to ensure a safe working environment for their employees.

Places of Worship

In the last 6 years, hate crimes at a place of worship have increased by 40%.

Medical Settings

Hospitals invest heavily in their facilities through security staff, cameras, access control, etc.

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