Medical Alert System

The BluePoint medical emergency devices are created to both complement our police alert systems and be used as a stand-alone solution.

Designed to save lives by reducing response time of both internal and external emergency responders, the solution equips responders with critical data to expedite their decision-making and ensure prompt and accurate medical assistance.

First Responders or Paramedics

Placed in areas with higher risk of medical emergencies – lunch areas, manufacturing production areas, gyms, nurse offices, etc. – these devices alert a group of people in the building of the location of a problem as well as communicate automatically to designated medical first responders such as local paramedics.

Familiar + Intuitive

Similar in appearance and function to the universal pull station, the BluePoint system is simple and intuitive to activate

Fast + Reliable

Automated, reliable rapid response system notifies building occupants and first responders within life-saving seconds

Versatile + Dynamic

The BluePoint system can be customized to fit each building’s needs and provides real-time, two-way communication

What’s Included

Placed in areas with a higher risk of medical emergencies such as lunch areas, manufacturing or production areas, gyms, nurse offices, etc., these devices alert building leadership of the location of the problem as well as communicate to designated medical first responders.

The alert provides the precise location of the incident, allowing for quicker response time, while ensuring all those who need to be involved are notified.

Pull Stations

Strategically located pull stations provide simple alert coverage throughout your facility including eating areas, gyms, or corporate offices.

Strobe Lights & Audio Messaging

The BluePoint medical emergency devices are created to both complement our police alert systems and be used as a stand-alone solution.

Wearable Mobile Devices

Wearable mobile devices can be worn by your building staff, security, or visitors depending upon the location. Be ready to act wherever you may be.

Command&Control Portal

Upon activation, automated texts and emails are sent to only predetermined medical responders, not law enforcement – ensuring the proper emergency response.

Medical VS Police Alert

How it’s Different

Strobes and audio messaging are not activated

Operations continue unhindered

Texts and emails are only sent to predetermined medical responders

Notifications only go to the appropriate medical responders, not law enforcement

Where it’s Needed

Medical emergencies are a common threat and fact of life in everyday situations. Be prepared in every situation.

Eating Areas

Corporate Facilities

Manufacturing Facilities

Facilities with AED Services

Gym/Workout Spaces

Large Public Spaces

“First responders received immediate notification and were providing medical care to the fallen employees within one minute of the alert—a dramatic improvement in response time.”

Sam M, Director of Safety and Security at a manufacturing facility, Minnesota


Frequently Asked Questions

For more detailed questions about installation, custom solutions, and product specs, please email us

How are the Police notified in the event of an activation of a BluePoint Police device?

The primary method for notifying Law Enforcement in the event of a BluePoint Police device activation is through a live operator dispatch call.  The BluePoint Central Station operator will immediately initiate the phone call to the predetermined dispatch agency and provide that dispatcher with the building name, address, device name and any other information they currently have about the incident.  For dispatch agencies that are equipped for digital signal relay, the relevant information can be sent directly into their CAD system from the BluePoint Central Station without the need for a live operator phone call.  Lastly, any Law Enforcement agency that chooses to do so, can receive the automated ‘C2’ text & email notifications directly to dispatchers, leadership, or officers in whatever combination they prefer.  BluePoint always recommends consulting with local Law Enforcement to determine how to most efficiently notify first responders within any given jurisdiction.

Will the BluePoint strobes and PA message be activated in the event of a Medical device activation?

No, the BluePoint strobes and PA message will NOT be activated in the event of a Medical device alarm.

Do the BluePoint strobes make a horn or siren sound like most Fire Alarm strobes?

No, the BluePoint strobes do not make any sound and that is an intentional feature so as to not confuse the BluePoint system with the Fire Alarm system.  For clients looking for an audible alert to be triggered during a Police device activation, we recommend either integrating with your existing PA system to play a pre-programmed message (notifying occupants to initiate their emergency response plan) or, for clients who do not have or want to tie in to their PA system, BluePoint is now offering a speaker strobe that will have the capability to play that pre-programmed message right from the BluePoint device.

Do BluePoint devices need to be co-located with all of my Fire Alarm devices?

No, not necessarily.  BluePoint systems are not currently governed by the same codes as Fire Alarm systems so device placement can be customized to fit each client’s individual needs and budget.

Does the BluePoint system need to be serviced and tested like a Fire Alarm system?

Yes, BluePoint recommends that all systems be inspected and tested (including battery changes for any wireless devices) annually by a BluePoint Licensed Integrator.  BluePoint also recommends that clients conduct an internal drill or test of the system at least once a year to make sure that building leadership and staff are fully equipped on how to utilize the system and respond to activations.

Does BluePoint require access to our network at all and if so, will it still operate if my network is down?

Yes, the BluePoint system requires a network connection to establish a link between the system Control Panel and the Central Station receiver.  That connection is backed up by a cellular pathway for automatic failover in the event of a network failure or outage.

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