Police Alert

The BluePoint solution has been built for use in crisis situations like school shootings. With adrenaline flowing and panic setting in, the user interface has to be familiar, simple, and intuitive so that people can use it effectively. No one has to be trained on how to activate the solution— only when to use it and what to do after activation.

The solution is enhanced with wearable mobile pendants in addition to standard pull stations. This provides even greater ability for people moving about the building to immediately and securely activate the system if they see an active threat.

Medical Alert

The medical emergency devices are created to both complement the police alert devices and be used as a stand-alone solution.

Designed to save lives by reducing response time of both internal responders as well as external emergency responders or paramedics, the solution provides critical information for a faster more informed reaction.

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Command & Control

Swift, Informed Decisions
We met with emergency responders throughout the country and asked: What tools would be most beneficial to improving response? We learned what was truly valuable and what wasn’t. Combined with the commitment to keeping the solution simple and intuitive, BluePoint provides critical information delivered quickly, securely, and intuitively. The Command & Control communication portal equips both emergency responders and building occupants to make more informed decisions faster. Access to this information is unhindered during a crisis, and protected during normal times. Some of the key features include:

2-way Communication:
Not only will people receive notification and instruction from the command group, they can also respond to the command group with more information: pictures, their location, injuries, etc. This communication is based in the very familiar and simple text and email mechanisms people use every day, not a special app they are unlikely to find or use effectively in a panic.

Visual Point Identification:
A map of the facility, clearly indicating the location of the activated pull station, advises where in a facility the incident started. This is critical for emergency responders, building leaders, and designated employees. This data intuitively empowers people with actionable information for saving their own life and the lives of those around them.

Security Camera Feeds:
The solution can make live camera feeds available to first responders and building leaders in a way that is organized and easily understood—crucial for all responders. Instead of using cameras to look at what happened in the past, the system can make them a critical tool to learn what is happening in the moment.

Location & Reunification:
People can report their location, and—during the crisis only—have their location tracked. This allows emergency responders to see where people are, where they are moving to, and where they are moving from. It also provides a means for people to respond with their status (“I’m okay” or “Need help”) so emergency responders can get a quicker handle on the severity of the situation. Lastly, it enables building leaders to more quickly account for their people during the reunification process.

“With BluePoint, I have never felt safer in this building.”

Front Line Employee
Jewish Community Center, Chicago, IL