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  • Are your school’s building perimeter doors and classroom windows labeled and visible from the nearest road/parking lot?
  • Is there an established daily procedure to check all doors and ground floor windows at the end of each school day?
  • Does your school have a supervised electronic security alarm and access control system with a battery back-up?
  • Does your school have a surveillance system (indoor and outdoor cameras) with stored recording and playback capabilities?
  • Are visitor management (including sex offender screening) procedures developed and reviewed on a periodic basis?
  • Is there a school wide communication system in place (website, phone, text, email, etc.) that is easy to access and implement in an emergency/panic situation?
  • Does your school have a developed Emergency Response Plan in place that includes defined roles and accountability?
  • Is there an automated police emergency notification system in place that most/all people in the school can access?
  • Does your school have agreements in place with public safety, evacuation sites, bus companies, etc. that address emergency procedures?
  • Is there a School Threat Assessment Team (or similar) established to anticipate issues?
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