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  • Emergency Planning

  • Are your written policies and protocols reviewed and updated internally:
  • Have local emergency responders - police, fire and medical – reviewed your policies in the last
  • How frequently does your leadership – top administration, governing boards – address or review emergency issues or concerns
  • How often does the emergency planning team / committee / leader receive training to gain insights into best practices, response protocols, etc.?
  • Does your emergency planning policies address the following (check all that apply):
  • Do your policies, procedures, and drills include the following support personnel (check all that apply):
  • Training

  • How frequently do you discuss emergency issues and / or train your students and staff?
  • Does your training involve (check all that apply)
  • Emergency Communication

  • How many people are empowered to initiate an external emergency response (call 911)
  • How many people are empowered to initiate internal emergency response (PA announcement, mass text notification, etc.)
  • Do you have systems in place to equip people for an emergency:
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