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Policies & Training: A New Partnership

Policies & Training: A New Partnership

Our systems and technology are a significant component of a comprehensive solution.  But having up-to-date policies and procedures as well a plan for on-going training are critical to resolving a crisis well.  In our experience we have seen first-hand, over and over, how easy it is for policies to not get the attention they need and for training to be weak or not existent.  We understand time and resources are limited, but as a part of your team, we are dedicated to your safety and security.
That’s why we have partnered with P4 Security Solutions to offer an independent and complete safety policy and procedure review for our clients. P4 has a team of retired police and military officers with national training on best practices regarding safety and security.  This isn’t limited to armed intruder policies either.  P4 will review exiting plans, fire drills, employee termination policies, bomb threat procedures, lockdown policies, workplace violence procedures, visitor management protocols, personnel manuals, bullying policy, weapons policies, etc.

The P4 team will review your policies, open a dialogue with your local law enforcement, and report on their findings with recommendations that are based on national best practices.  They also offer on-going training services as well as site assessments and situational reviews.
BluePoint has your safety in mind and is dedicated to comprehensive solutions that are practical and sustainable.This new offering is a testament to that dedication, and we are looking forward to serving our clients even better with this new partnership.

Client Testimonials

"The BluePoint system allows us to have immediate access to emergency officials so they can respond faster and with the information they need for more informed decision-making."

– Ted Stec, Superintendent of Lombard School District 44, Illinois

"BluePoint Alert Solutions is “extremely beneficial—you can’t have anything better and it will cut our response time in half."

– Ted Stec , Superintendent of Lombard School District 44, Illinois
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