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Lessons Learned from Stoneman Douglas Tragedy, Parkland, FL

Lessons Learned From Stoneman Douglas Tragedy, Parkland, FL

Near the one-year anniversary of the tragedy at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School (MSDHS) in Parkland Florida, the MSDHS Public Safety Commission issued its initial report.  Although labeled as “initial,” it is quite comprehensive, and its findings and recommendations are very substantive.  Although written towards helping other Florida schools, this report proves to be an excellent resource for all schools, nationwide.  The complete report can be found here.

Some lessons learned and best practices from the report include:

  1. Effective 2-way communication between building occupants and the command group is imperative.
  2. The faster building occupants and law enforcement can be notified the better the outcome.
  3. First responders need quick access to live security camera feeds to improve their response.
  4. All staff and students need to be empowered to initiate an armed intruder response protocol. 
  5. More intentional armed intruder training is crucial for staff, students, AND first responders.
  6. Student Resource Officers are an excellent protection for students and staff, but other resources are needed.
  7. A Unified Command Structure is important to improve crisis communications and deliver better outcomes.

BluePoint understands the complexity of an armed intruder event and has built its systems to be effective and useful in crisis situations.  In fact, our systems provide and enhance every one of these best practices.  Contact us to learn how our solution can be tailored to your needs.

Client Testimonials

"The BluePoint system allows us to have immediate access to emergency officials so they can respond faster and with the information they need for more informed decision-making."

– Ted Stec, Superintendent of Lombard School District 44, Illinois

"BluePoint Alert Solutions is “extremely beneficial—you can’t have anything better and it will cut our response time in half."

– Ted Stec , Superintendent of Lombard School District 44, Illinois
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